We are in Southend-on-Sea, my childhood town visiting my parents for the first time in over a year. A trip to see Zoltar, the creepy fortune teller out who lives outside an amusement age on the Golden Mile, is a tradition. Here’s an old picture of Louis with him.  For a pound he struts his stuff and your fortune is pops out from a slot at the front of his booth. You can see him in action on the manufacturer’s website.

Yesterday we went for a lovely Italian lunch and the oldies seemed a little tired. We felt a trot along the noisy bit of the seafront was probably a bit too much for them. So we drove to the quieter part at Thorpe Bay for a sit down instead. Louis took himself for a little walk and came back with a bright blue slushy and Zoltar tickets!

The ticket tells me that I will have great joy. It’s also given me some lottery numbers. Part of our family custom involves heeding Zoltar’s advice. He is responsible for my bigger even win. So I entered yesterday’s EuroMillions draw. If Zoltar has helped me win £33 million you might not see me for dust. He does have a get out clause though. He says that my lucky month is May!

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