You Choose

We do the National Lottery and see it as a contribution to the charities we support.  But it’s also lovely to dream about what we’d spend our millions on if we won the jackpot.  Happily both Hot Stuff and I agree that our lifestyle wouldn’t change drastically.  We’re pretty content with what we have and everything that we love to do already albeit on a budget.

However, depending on the sum won we’d have a new house.  But aside from a garden larger than our current courtyard,  sea view, dedicated workshop space and a garage for Hot Stuff to tinker in it wouldn’t be much bigger than our current home.  I’d love a pool and a hot tub but the biggest luxury would be a slipway for the kayaks.

Of course we’d tick the more far flung destinations off our bucket list.   Klaus the Knaus would probably be retired in favour of a new more reliable motorhome.  And we’d pay for things to promote our health, complementary therapy treatments and a bit of dentistry.  Maybe we’d see some of those prohibitively expensive concerts.  Coldplay we’re talking about you!  Friends, family and good causes might have a little extra coming their way as well.

One of my little bouts of fantasizing brought a book to mind.   Years ago, Louis came home from nursery with a surprise present.   Each child had been given a copy of ‘You Choose’.   It quickly became a firm favourite.   From pages crammed with wonderful illustrations by Nick Sharratt  we chose where we’d live, what we’d wear, our pet, what our house would be like, what we’d travel in, what we’d wear…..   It comes highly recommended if you have a teeny in your life!

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  1. Thanks for this recommendation – my five-year old friend loved it, and it is a book that he can look at with his three-year old brother. I think I might get the ‘space’ one too.

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