Worse Before It Gets Better

In my old life as a mental health practitioner I sometimes counselled people that I was working with using treatment other than medication. I warned them that they might feel worse as a direct result of having intervention before they saw an improvement. This is because issues that have previously been buried in the depths of the mind rise to the surface. This is a necessary consequence of the process. People doing work on themselves might need to confront their fears, address unpleasant aspects of their nature and reflect on past distressing memories.

I’ve upped the tempo of spiritual practices since retirement. After all I’ve got to do something with my time.! More navel gazing seemed a sensible option. There seem to be parallels within spiritual and therapeutic processes. Both ultimately have the aim of creating more peace. So maybe at the outset of increased soul searching we might expect ourselves to be more unsettled when the things that prevent this are brought out into the open and laid bare. That seems to be part of my experience.

And so I’m over a month into studying the year long lessons in A Course in Miracles. It’s not always a smooth ride. There are other things in my life that might cause uncomfortable feelings. I’m still under hosptial investigations, the house is in upheaval and I’m feeling empty nesty as Louis has left home. I do wonder if the study, with its capacity for bringing issues into the light, has, at times, heightened my sense of dis-ease. I’ll persevere though. For I’m certain that the old adage ‘no gain, no pain’ might apply to inner work as well as physical effort.

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