‘Women’s Problems’

Here are the ceramic chickens that stand outside the entrance of Totnes Hospital, my office base for sixteen years. I always loved them and, seemingly, so do other people. I saw a child give one of them a hearty pat when we visited my old workplace on Bank Holiday Monday. Hot Stuff was having a diverticulitis flare up and needed antibiotics. I knew the receptionist who booked him in . She’s been there for a while. ‘You look so well.’ she told me. That’s retirement for you!

I had a hospital appointment myself yesterday for ‘women’s problems’ as Les Dawson’s Cissie and Ada might have called it. It seems that bleeding after menopause is taken seriously. My appointment came within two weeks of seeing the GP. As requested I attended with a full bladder to aid the ultrasound process. This became more and more uncomfortable as the clinic was running behind by half an hour or so. Hot Stuff, who came with me for support, thought that it might be helpful to impersonate a waterfall. What a tosser! We were both intrigued by a box on top of a cupboard in the waiting room labelled rings with knobs. Our minds boggled. It diverted me from thinking about the ever increaing possibility of leaving a puddle on the floor.

Anyway the upshot is that investigations are still ongoing. Seeing that I feel so well at the moment there was me thinking that I’d be given the all clear. But more tests are required and I have another appointment in two weeks. The lovely gynaecological staff are trying to work out if I need a hysterectomy. I won’t miss my womb if it has to be whipped out. After all I’m missing bits from a medical emergency over a decade ago. Resting up will be a bit of an inconvenience. We’ll cross that bridge if wecome to it though. Hot Stuff will have to do more than his fair share of routine household chores. I suspect that we might have more Chinese takeaways than usual.

I’m feeling a big surge of gratitude for the NHS. It’s been so timely when we’ve needed it recently. And I’m sharing this for a reason. I’d urge anyone with funny symptoms to get them checked out early. ‘Men’s problems’ as well as ‘women’s problems’, they’re all worthy of being taken seriously. I’m being investigated for endometrial cancer. It’s why there’s the urgency. Although the odds are against a diagnosis, the chance of a good outcome is far higher if this potentially life threatening diseases are nipped in the bud.

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  1. Sorry for your troubles.
    I had a similar thing, bleeding after menopause. I too was seen pretty sharpish, within two weeks, the ultrasound showed polyps. These little blighters were removed by the doctor a week or so later. No hospital stay and no probs since. I hope that your diagnosis will prove to be as easy.
    But, the NHS is good and efficient. I think it should be celebrated (a bit more than clapping once a week). The NHS isn’t perfect but it our best resource.

  2. I too had the same symptoms several years after no cycle. I have more frequent paps, but so far, no immediate worries. I’m sending good thoughts. And yes, the worst delays are when a full bladder is needed for the untrasound.

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