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The supposed benefits of cold water are well publicised this day, increased immunity, better cardio-vascular health, improved mood, faster metabolism…. Head on over to the page of the Iceman, Wim Hoff, if you fancy a little entertaining education about this. I’m no wallflower but this guy make me look shy and withdrawn.

In spite of my insistence about wearing a wetsuit when I’m out swimming I think my stamina has built up. ‘Isn’t it cold in there?’ ask spectators as I head out for my autumnal and wintery dips. I rarely think that it’s bad at all although the length of time that I’m in the water shortens. I also need more layers after I get out. No glamourous dry robe here. I layer my insulated smock over my towelling poncho and then don a bobble hat for my walk home. Very glamourous I look too. Not always giving a toss about appearance is one of the benefits of ageing.

I’ve been gradually adding to those habits that I wrote about a couple of months ago. After writing in my book of gratefulness each morning I’m down on the floor planking to build core strength. Dental floss is kept next to the vitamins so I remember to use that more regularly and for fun, I’ve added a quick and dirty online quiz of the day after I’ve done the Guardian crossword. I’m also upping my exposure to cold water. Now a few times each week I’ll turn the shower to cold just before I get out to get that ‘healthy shock’. The only thing is that I sometimes forget to reset it. It results in moaning. My boys, it seems, do not like being ‘Wimmed’!

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