Willy for A Day

I watched an episode of QI the other day. One of the questions revolved around an image of some ancient brooches depicting male and female genitalia. Sandi Toksvig gave loads of reasons as to why they might exist. The best answer was that people have always enjoyed a bawdy snigger. I liked that explanation.

Today’s picture was taken on one of my highly successful jaunts to London accompanied by my mate, Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers. This little object is in the Wellcome Colllection. The human imagination never fails to amaze me with what it can come up with.

I’m up for a giggle about private parts as my recent post about the Nudinits demonstrates. In fact I put so much harmless smut on my personal Facebook page that a friend’s partner refers to me as the Willy Lady. I wonder sometimes what it must be like to own a penis and expressed this out loud to my social services colleagues one day. ‘What would you do with it?’ asked one. Well the possibilities are endless. ‘I’d see how far that I could wee and stick it in things’ I explained. The response from one women was priceless. ‘No pie would be safe from you then!’

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