William Morris

In spite of admiring the craftsmanship and ethos of William Morris I’m not a massive fan of his work. I mostly find his colour palette a little too dark and subdued for my liking. I once visited a home that was ‘all Morris-ed out’ and frankly it was a bit spooky. So I struggled a bit to find a pleasing image for today’s post. I’m glad that I persevered. I do like his ‘Wild Rose and Hazelnuts’ stained glass. The transparency of the piece lifts it beautifully.

William Morris famously said ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be useful’. But is there a door on that useful cupboard that can never be closed properly? Does a beautiful painting, item of furniture or ceramic piece not have a proper home? Or is a kitchen gadget joyless to use even if it does serve a purpose? If I may, I’d like to add a third proviso to this list. Your possessions should not annoy the tits off you. If they do they should be moved, fixed or replaced.

My sofa is a case in point. I bought it a decade ago and took this picture of it when I first moved into my house in 2015. Although it was secondhand it still cost a pretty penny because it was made by Stressless. In an ideal world I’d like pieces of furniture to be forever items. But the main seating in my lounge is so uncomfortable, even in recline mode, that I’m enacting my newly conceived Morris third rule. It’s going. Very shortly it will be offloaded to some poor unsuspecting sod via Facebook marketplace or even Freecycle if I have to. We’ve exciting plans for what will arrive in its place. Needless to say it will be comfy ,fit for purpose and be a feature for many years to come. So watch this space!

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