In these days where ugly vegetables are gaining respectability let me put in a word for the Wilja. This variety of potato is another one of the items that we buy in bulk from the farm gate in rural Somerset. A 25kg bag comes in at about a tenner and although they keep well there’s so many of them! So we often share them around with friends. For those with green fingers I understand it’s a common seed potato variety. Apparently it’s a second early if that means anything to anyone.

Now the Wilja isn’t something that you see in the supermarkets. We think that’s because it’s not that pretty. The skin is dark and kind of scaly. But don’t let the fact that it’s dermatologically challenged put you off. It’s an excellent all round potato for boiling, roasting, and chipping. There’s certainly enough massive beasties in each sack to mean that a jacket potato supper is on the cards. The best thing about the Wilja is its taste. It’s proper potato-ey!

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