I have to psyche myself up to do paperwork at the moment. Of course anything with a deadline gets done but other things invariably get delayed. My mind is still on a go slow. I wonder if the HRT that I started yesterday will make a difference. I now sport a natty patch on my tummy and took an extra pill last night. Time will tell if the re-introduction of oestrogen and progesterone will lift the brain fog. But blogging comes into a different category to form filling. I’m still producing a post nigh on daily. Not that it isn’t difficult at the moment. I’m slower and subject matter doesn’t come to me as easily as usual. However I view it alongside personal hygiene, meditation, mosaicking, eating properly and exercise as a form of essential self care. So I thought I’d reflect on why I write.

I wanted to be a writer from when I was wee but pursued another path. One of the reasons was that it was hard for me to string words together on paper before the era of word processing, more evidence of my self diagnosed neurodiversity. Things like essay writing and story telling were a real challenge until I could move text around freely around a page. Once I could unmuddle my ideas I was off! My fountain pen in today’s photo is just for show, a bit of a pose really. Give me a keyboard any day.

So I do this to make a little girl’s dream come true. Even though I don’t make a living out of it I’m a published writer! I love the way that, in seeking out things to talk about, I become more adventurous. I’ll push myself to connect with someone, seek out treasure or do an activity to gather material. And writing can be therapeutic. Here’s an interesting article about journalling therapy. While my blogging is not primarily for this purpose it is providing me with daily structure, it allows me to order my thoughts and make connections with other people.

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