Who Gives A Crap

Do you remember the great 2020 toilet paper frenzy?  Who doesn’t. Well we were just about okay here.  I’d bought a pack of nine rolls from the supermarket just before the lockdown so we were sorted.  However I wasn’t completely satisfied with my purchase.

Twice before I’d bought online from ‘Who Gives A Crap’.  They’re an Australian company who now have a UK outpost.  The rolls made of bamboo or recycled paper come in massive brown boxes with slogans based on toilet humour.  People who put bum jokes on packaging so that delivery driver can judge me are my kind of folk. The reason that I hadn’t made a third purchase though were that they were kind of expensive.  I didn’t feel that I could justify the cost in hard times, even though a percentage of profits goes to providing sanitation in the Third World. And storage is tricky. Do you know how much space forty loo rolls take up? Perhaps some of you do if you went down the panic buying route. I am always a bit overrun when fully stocked.

But then that supermarket nine pack didn’t last too long and I revisited ‘Who Gives a Crap’.  Their double length toilet rolls last an age.  Maybe it wasn’t that dear after all?

So I returned to them. I spent a small time on a waiting list. Inexplicably everyone in the world was still after bog roll a few months into the COVID-19 crisis.  When a new delivery eventually came I found another temporary home for the tea towels and  squeezed some in under the stairs.  They pretty much last a year.   Although we have clean bums here we don’t got mad on the wiping front.   Every so often  the team at ‘Who Gives a Crap’ send me an email asking plaintively why I haven’t ordered lately.  Have they upset me?  No!  It’s because I’ve taught my entire household to be frugal with their arse wiping.

As a final point, the company’s website is kind of cool.  In particular I have blog envy.  Theirs is so much better than my own.   Its headings, ‘Good Crafts’, ‘Good Deeds’,   ‘Good Fun’,  Good News’ is all that I aspire to. Who couldn’t possibly be wow-ed by instructions on how to make Olivia Colman out of homemade play dough!

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  1. I have these but don’t like the idea of them being shipped for so many miles. Am now investigating Serious Tissues, totally UK produced using no glue or wrapping and recycled paper Has anyone tried them?

  2. After being down to a few rolls and nothing on shelves, I was starting to think long and hard about the many years of wasted paper. Now though, I just make sure I always have a full multi-pack on hand as back up. IT is such an odd thing to imagine a shortage of-but yet, there we all were.

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