Where To Keep A Motorhome

Travels in Klaus the Knaus, our beloved motorhome, came to an abrupt halt last year due to illness. We look forward to resuming our adventures again in 2022. We’ve moved him from a storage pitch in a locked compound to our driveway at home. This was possible because we downsized from a two car one van to a two car two van family. What are the advantages and disadvantages? I’d thought I’d write a post about where to keep a motorhome a few weeks since we made the change.

Let’s start with the doom and gloom. Firstly the motor insurance premium has gone up by about thirty five quid. I think that this reflects the fact that Klaus is more likely to be stolen outside the house. Darn those baddies! But we’ll take our chances as crime figures in our area are low. Our motoring costs arguably have increased too. Klaus lived just outside Plymouth and we almost always journey to the continent with Brittany Ferries or westward to Cornwall. Klaus is a gas guzzler and those sixty extra miles in him rather than our economical car are an extra cost, probably about a fifth of a tank of fuel. From a practical point of view we don’t have driveway parking for friends when they visit now, problematic in a busy holiday town. Also Klaus blocks the light and view through our living room window.

Happily there is good news. Klaus reduces the light a bit but way less than we thought. Of course we’re saving on storage fees. This saving vastly exceeds the extra insurance and easily covers those extra fuel costs. When our friends stay we have an extra bedroom that makes up for a trek from where they’ve left the car. But the biggest plus is the convenience. Loading and unloading the motorhome will be a leisurely event. We can move things back and forward into the house so much more easily. That has become more important when we go over to the continent. There are bans on very ordinary food stuffs that we didn’t give a thought to before Brexit. And repairs, maintenance and cleaning are so much simpler. These could be a logistical nightmare when Klaus was on a storage site.

Klaus has had a good old wash since he’s been back. We’re midway through his best polish ever. It’s much easier to manage his personal hygiene especially now he’s on hardstanding rather than a grassy pitch. My very practical partner, Hot Stuff, has been cracking on since Klaus came home. He’s changed his faulty alternator and waterproofed its surround, put in extra plugs and lighting, replaced and painted a rusty door seal and messed about with the box that controls the solar panel. Oh yes, and there’s a new hook up socket because my flap had fallen off! And there’s more to do. We’re planning a big internal paint job and a bit more prettying up before our first trip away. It’s easy now to get this work done.

For other motorhome owners the best choice of a storage place for their pride and joy will be different. Security, convenience and cost are all things to weigh up. Our decision might have been different if we only had on street parking or if we lived in an area with higher crime. Perhaps an different cosy indoor storage site that protected my favourite possession could have swayed it. An old boy needs TLC after all. In the end though the advantages of the driveway won through. It’s good to have Klaus home!

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