A lot of people around these parts have embraced the 365 Sea Swim Challenge. They’re brave souls raising money for charity who swim in the wild every day in all weathers wearing nigh on what nature blessed them with. Oh okay there are cozzies involved. Me, I stick to wearing my wetsuit in all seasons. I’ll say from the start that there is no right or wrongs here. Each to their own. But I thought that I’d write a wee comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of wetsuit vs. cozzie.

Now the first thing about the cozzie is that it’s easier on the pennies. Around here the beaches are stony and I’d say a pair of swim shoes or boots are pretty essential. But aside that, just grab a bath sheet and some warm clothes to change into and you’re ready to go. The costumed swimmers also argue for the increased wellbeing that their experience gives them. Certainly that cold water shock has all those purported mental and physical health benefits. I will add the proviso from the RLSS that you can have too much of a good thing. Finally wild swimming seems to be a dreadfully sociable scene if you’re after that sort of thing. I pop down to my favourite cove and there’s often a bunch of them having hot chocolate and a good giggle.

So why the wetsuit LG? Well firstly, I’ve found it a bit less of a faff in the cooler months. I walk home in it swathed in a toweling robe and my quilted thingy from Saltrock. Once at the beach there’s less time getting disrobing andt then getting dressed again. And because of the protective layer I can also spend more time in the water than most near bare naked swimmers. I’ll say that with a proviso as some are very acclimatised to cold conditions indeed. I’ve seen , Chris the founder of the 365 sea swim challenge stay in for what seems like hours!

The main reason though that I keep wearing my wetsuit during the summer is the wildlife. There’s lots of jellyfish that bob in here. Most aren’t dangerous but their stings are unpleasant. And then there are the inquisitive seals. If I get nibbled again at least there’s a protective layer of lycra between skin and teeth!

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