Wentworth Jigsaws

Wentworth jigsaws have become a bit of a tradition in our social circles. If you’d have told my boys that they would get addicted to these, they would have laughed their socks off. Yet every Christmas they while away a good few hours getting to grips with one or two of these deathly conundrums.

These are no ordinary jigsaws. For a start the quality is wonderful, beautiful wooden creations made in Wiltshire. Don’t let the relatively small number of puzzle pieces fool you. The little blighters are oddly shaped and include whimsy pieces to reflect the theme of the puzzle. It certainly gets the old grey matter working overtime. They often have repeating patterns too. Just as you think that you’ve sussed it you realise that some bits are out of place. Here’s the very lovely American friend the Second Martha Stewart checking a seemingly finished jigsaw for pattern errors. She’s the person who introduced us to them. Every year she pops over the pond for Christmas festivities and orders a few to keep us occupied.

Here’s a bouquet we finished earlier with no squared off edge pieces to help out. And I was so excited to find the Wentworth puzzle that I’ve shown in today’s main picture in the window of a local shop, The Nicky Stevenson Gallery. It sports one of the artist’s quirky designs. Just the present for The Second Martha Stewart, I thought. I’m sure that she’ll be delighted. And it’s rather lovely to support a local business to boost their festive takings.

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