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Here’s one that I took earlier, a selection of fruit and vegetables from one of the greengrocers in town. Like most people we do weekly shop at the big supermarkets but also source locally to support local businesses. It would be lovely to source a lot of food like this but to be honest, time and available money are both factors as to why we don’t do this. I once saw a couple getting the whole kit and caboodle at an organic shop. The final amount on the till was eye watering and way beyond our own means.

Our weekly food bill is about sixty pounds for the three of us. This includes a main supermarket run, visits to smaller traders and top up shops. That’s about three quarters of the amount that the ONS say that the average three adult family spend. It seems we’re doing all right then and eat really well to boot.

But this week we came up trumps. I went for a wander just at the tail end of Saturday’s storm to pick up an emergency prescription. My weekly shopping list was light so I thought that I’d get everything in town. Alas the small traders were closed, sensible under the circumstances. So I got everything in the Co-op in town. My main haul this week came to the princely sum of £7.42. This included a impulse purchase of a packet of hot cross buns! All that bulk buying, freezer stocking and leftover eating seems to be paying dividends. I’m just wondering whether we’ll notice a difference to the cost of our food shop when we start to harvest the fruit and veg from our allotment.

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