Freakin’ ‘ell! We visited the allotment the other day for the first time after our nine day break to France. When we left the plot was relatively neat and tidy. There was some progress with fruit and vegetable growing. The strawberries have lots of flowers and a couple of wee baby green berries for example. How very exciting! But mainly we came back to near carnage. It seemed as if the naughty fairy had done her magic while we were gone. Weeds absolutely everywhere even though there hadn’t been much rain while we’d been away.

So I got digging. As I did so I gained an appreciation of the idea that a weed is a plant that’s in a place where you don’t want it. Remember those artichokes back along? Well it turns out that the boys don’t like them. I thought that I might be able to gradually win them around on the basis that they see farting, an artichoke side effect, as a badge of honour. But they’re not buying it. Anyway about half the plot has been invaded by these tubers so they have got to go.

There’s also a fair bit of scorzonera, massive black tubers. The bloke before us must have liked his exotics. I’ve added a link about growing it in case anyone’s interest. But we’re not. I’m not even going to try those on the boys seeing that they taste similar to the artichokes. So those little beggars being hoiked out too.

But I did dig up these tatties. We’ve planted some but these weren’t ours as they were outside the area that we’ve assigned to potato growing. Do they count as weeds because of this? Maybe but new potatoes at this time of the year are too good to squander. There’s not a vast amount but they’ll do as a side for a couple of salads. They’re hope of what’s to come. Pink fir apple potatoes of our own are chitted and ready to be planted. And alongside the potatoes there’s more coloured pottery shards. Now I definitely feel another mosaic coming on!

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  1. I find, from one week to the next the weeds do really well despite the lack of care and attention, where as the plants and veg I am coddling almost to the point of obsessive are choosing to be miserable! So this year we are going eat chickweed, nettle and sweet cicely and I shall have bouquets of nettle, borage and herb Robert in the house!!

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