Want, Need, Wear, Read

I’m writing this post on the occasion of my son’s 18th birthday. It’s a special one for him and a day of reflection for me.   Where have all those years gone and how did my teeny baby turn into a hair bear of a man with size 12 feet?    You guys are reading this post months after this momentous day. For the seed of the idea about returning to blogging has been in my head for some time. I’ve been squirrelling away posts that I’ve scheduled ahead.

For the last few years I’ve been using the ‘Want, Need, Wear, Read’ principle to guide my present buying for my son Louis. It stops me getting carried away with spending.  Each Christmas and birthday I purchase something in each category …. and chocolate as well.  That’s always been a welcome extra.  Father Christmas or the birthday fairy fills a stocking to the gunnels with cheap confectionery.  So Hot Stuff doesn’t feel left out he gets exactly the same.

Luckily my son isn’t one for keeping up with the Jones’ so his ‘wants’ don’t take the form of the most expensive phone on the market or designer footwear.  The most touching request was for a set of beautifully gold embossed playing cards and a wooden box to put them with.  They went to school with him for many terms and provided lunch time recreation.  His ‘want’ this year is a food processor.  He’s a keen cook and wants his own for when he leaves home.  I’ve agreed to defer the purchase so we don’t have to store it until he flies the nest.  So that he’s got something to unwrap I remember that he wanted the madcap cardgame ‘Go Go Burrito’ which involves throwing a sponge replica of the Mexican foodstuff at opponents.  He’s 18 after all so I’m pushing the boat out.

This year’s need is an electric razor to try and tame all that adolescent facial fuzz.  Wear is a couple of shirts, substitutes for the ubiquitous hoodies that are his wardrobe staple.   After all he might be going to work later this year.  He needs something slightly smarter.  And ‘read’ is a couple of cookbooks, NOSH for Students and Nigella’s How to be a Domestic Goddess, a well thumbed favourite of my own. As a wee one he used to spend hours salivating over the cupcake pictures so I thought that he needed his own copy.  I might even get some home baked cakes as a spin off!

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  1. Those are lovely gifts. I suppose I somewhat go this route as well at Christmas, though birthday’s tend to be wants. When my last hit 18, she was still home fulltime and not yet graduated from highschool. 19 really struck that the childhood was truly over.

    • Mine certainly seems like a child at 18 too in some regards. He’ll be home for at least another years. I’ve got plans that involve housework, cooking and a contribution towards housekeeping to nudge him into adulthood!

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