Walking with a Purpose

Part of my self care at the moment involves long solitary walks to destinations close to my home. I’m spoilt for choice. There’s coast path, farmlands and woods nigh on our doorstep. I’m very blessed for I don’t even have to get into the car to my starting point. I especially like walking with a purpose, to collect finds from nature or to see a specific site for instance. For example I often head to Berry Head to see if I can spot porpoises.

I walked to St Mary’s Bay the other day, out to the west of Brixham. It teamed down and I didn’t have waterproofs, mainly because I’m not fond of them. I prefer to be soggy rathe than constricted. The coast path is really muddy at the moment and progress was hampered by the effort of staying upright. I met people, caked in mud, who had taken a tumble. It was not a pretty sight. Wisely, I took the shortcut through town on the way back to avoid a similar catastrophe. I’m glad that I did because I stumbled upon this wonderful wooden sculpture on the Sharkham estate.

Now St Mary’s is not the easiest beach to get to. It involves a trek and a climb down more than one hundred steps. However it’s totally worth it. It’s rather large, perhaps a quarter of a mile end to end and is a mixture of grey-ish sand and interesting rocks. I’m sure that the pinky stuff that’s there might be alabaster. The cliffs are that amazing crumbly kind with layers of shale. Wikipedia also says that there are fossils there but I’ve never found any.

My stroll was not just a wander. I went walking with a purpose to pick up a few bits of that shale for a mosaic I’ve been making. After the one I made for the Second Martha Stewart (she loved it by the way) I thought that I’d make another small piece, reminiscent of iconography, with an item of jewellery as a centrepiece. So here’s the finished article. I’m not sure where I’m going with these, but in spite of their fiddliness they please me. I’ll be making more and experimenting with incorporating found objects from my ramblings.

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