Vintage Maple & Co

Even though I regard myself as pretty darn funky I don’t think I’m  on trend or, ever will be.  I’ve absolutely no idea what’s fashionable.  With music, books, food, art and clothes I like what I like.  Today I thought I’d show off my favourite piece of furniture. It’s a vintage Maple & Co chest of drawers.

 I don’t change my furniture and soft furnishings to keep up with the current fads. When I design the interior of my home I fill it with stuff  that I’m certain I’ll be able to live with for a long time. I’m confident  that my home will never feel  dated. The key seems to be mixing and matching items and not going with any one dominant theme. I’ve got the lot here, a mixture of different eras and materials.    Of course I have shelving from Ikea. Doesn’t 99% of the population shop there as an excuse to eat meat or plant balls? For  key pieces I go secondhand snapping up items for a fraction of the price of new furniture in mid range stores.

My favourite piece of furniture isn’t an heirloom. I found it on Ebay for just over £200 soon after I moved into this house. I was fretting over a boring bedroom and I needed pieces to make a statement. Maple & Co were the most successful furniture makers of  the Victorian and Edwardian periods.   Wikipedia says that they were suppliers to aristocracy and royalty. There you go. It shows that I have taste!

There’s a particularly sweet story around my purchase. My vintage Maple & Co had been restored by a very lovely French polisher. She’d spent over thirty hours restoring it before its sale and was going to send it to me by courier. However at the last minute she was let down so brought it herself from Cornwall. She’d instilled it with love and was so pleased to be able to see it in its new home. As you see it’s a perfect fit in the bedroom alcove and is a pleasing home for some of my most treasured bits and pieces.

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