Van Time

We’re back home now from our Spanish travels. But when we’re on holiday in Continental Europe, time in Klaus the Knaus, our motorhome stays still.    We have a clock on the wall near the kitchen area that we can see when we’re in bed.   Van time remains the same as the United Kingdom, GMT or BST depending on the date.   It means we’re mostly an hour behind when abroad.  Except, that is, in Portugal where the time zone is the same.  I’d forgotten that but twigged as my phone automatically changed its clock just as we crossed over the border.

We keep the time zone the same on purpose so that we don’t feel rushed when we’re away.  Or lazy.  Clearing away after having breakfast at 11am seems very idle indeed.  10am doesn’t seem too bad at all.  It’s not out of sync with our routine at home on a Sunday after a weekend bacon sarnie or fry up.    Of course if we’re catching public transport to get around or indeed the ferry to get us back to Blighty we have to be mindful that ‘van time’ does not equate to the time outside. But we’ve never  slipped up yet.

I’m trying to reframe my relationship with time now I’m semi retired.   When I was in full time work I never had enough of it.  That’s the nature of employment.  You swap a vast number of your hours in return for money  and then wonder why you haven’t got enough time to fit everything else in..     Taking into account commute time I’ve now freed up over forty five hours a week.

I’ve already written about cleaning the slate and being careful about what I commit to in my new life. Even with time freed up  I still feel a sense of urgency. I have a house to do up,  income to earn to supplement my pension and family members to sort out ( a bit more on that in another post).   Taking time out still feels like a luxury that I can’t afford.    However I realise that being less driven is vital to preserving my health and sanity. Perhaps less clock watching is called for. And maybe I should be setting all the timepieces at home on Cape Verde time so I always think that I’m an hour behind!

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