Two Step Sauces

Now I normally cook from scratch but sometimes I can’t be arsed. There! Say it as it is. The only problem is that I’m not over fussed about supermarket ready meals. They’re literally not to my taste, often expensive in relation to their home produced counterparts and full of weird additives. But one of the TV chefs used a curry sauce for a recipe the other day so I thought that I’d give one a try. I’m always up for ideas for my super quick culinary repertoire.

I found these two step sauces in Aldi . I think they’re 99p. There’s a dry spice mix on top on the pack underneath ‘wet’ sauce mix. We tried the korma first. While our own home produced versions takes some beating we were happy with the quick and dirty version that we made with it just by adding chopped chicken thighs and a mountain of fresh vegetables. I served it with homemade naan that I had in the freezer. Success in terms of flavour, cost and speed. It passed muster on the ingredient front too. So last week I went back to Aldi and bought this collection for the store cupboard.

This week we tried the saag masala, again with chicken and vegetables. If I remember rightly onion, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes from the allotment went in. It made enough for four. There’s only two of us. But I ran out of naan bread after the first outing.

We were watching The Hundred the other night. In between the action there was an interview with two players of Indian origin. One of them was being teased because he made masala pasta. It was an East-West fusion that had passed me by but I acknowledged that it could work very nicely. So here’s our leftovers revamped curry house style. Very tasty it was too. Penne Jalfrezi is definitely on the cards for another time.

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