Two Monkeys

In order to take the two monkeys picture for this post I’ve had to psyche myself up to go up to Louis’ attic bedroom. It can be grim up there but I have to accept that a normal teenage bedroom isn’t clean and tidy. But has to be done to rescue these two for a photoshoot. I did consider popping a peg on my nose.

These two monkeys that live on Louis’ desk in among the sweet wrappers have been with him since he was wee. The colourful one was from the now defunct Mothercare store in Exeter. I rarely bought soft toys for Louis. When you have a nipper the furry little buggers gravitate towards your house, filling every nook. But I was particularly taken by this one. Louis was too. In spite of my near 24 hour vigil to feed and entertain during the first few months of his life, ‘Monkey’ was the first thing, human or otherwise, that the ungrateful little sod smiled at!

I made the second primate by upcycling a pair of old socks. You’ll have to go online to find your own pattern. I tried to retrieve the one that I used but that appears to be long gone. After all I made Sockie for Lou’s seventh birthday and he’s now eighteen. The instructions were clearly idiot-proof. I’ve admitted before that sewing isn’t my favourite pastime. But I’ve just noticed that the little heart motif has evolved with my crafting. It now appears in most of my mosaics.

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