Two Left Feet

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We are a neurodiverse household. Our brains are off kilter with the general population. Louis is the only one who has been properly diagnosed. He has a mixture of dyspraxia, dyslexia and there might even be a bit of ADHD in there too. It explains why he takes his own path. Hot Stuff is properly dyslexic All the signs are there. Words float around the page and he finds it difficult to spell some of the simplest words. It’s probably why he doesn’t share my love of the irregularities in the English language. I’ll marvel at intricate spelling while he craves for a time when our language has evolved to a stage where it becomes completely phonetic.

Me? Well I’ve thought that I was dyspraxic for a long time. Accident prone is me! The phrase ‘Two Left Feet’ describes it nicely. My motor control is less than to be desired. I’m also very clumsy, breaking objects around the home and myself too. I’m always covered in bruises…or burns if I’m really unlucky and bump the oven as I’m retrieving supper. I had a lazy eye corrected when I was young and while, cosmetically, this is fine, I think that my residual deficits with 3D vision are part of the problem.

I wonder too whether I could have ADHD. They present differently in women and there’s a subtype where inattention is a feature. It sort of makes sense. I used to think that being properly checked out was useful but I’m past that now. I’ve learnt to live with my oddities and have adapted as well. There’s a need for order and routine that Louis incorrectly calls OCD. I believe that it’s one of the ways that I’ve learned to adapt. Mindfulness helps to. It’s definitely improved my ability to attention and concentration even though I’ve still got a way to go.

I’m a wee way through my Sensory Integration course now. The current module is about assessment and I’ve come to a sticking point. To work out what is going on in someone’s brain I have to instruct them through bodily manoeuvres. I can string words together but doing the same with sequences of movement seems almost impossible. How are I meant to explain what needs to be done when I can’t manage a two step command myself? All is not lost for I am a hopeful soul. I’ve just got to do what I’ve done in the past and work out how my two left feet and dodgy brain can adapt!

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