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So Lovely Grey has contently been blogging again for a while. I’m enjoying writing again and do so on most days. However for those moments that I’m feeling like a lazy arse I’ve built up a little collection of posts that I can schedule ahead and post. As well as that I’m slowly developing my online presence, for example making changes to my website and learning ways to reach out to people using social media. Slowly, slowly is my mantra. Most weeks I set myself a little target of what I might do to make improvements over the next seven days. Changing my gravatar, the tiny online symbol that sits next to my name when I comment completely stumped me for a while. It was a devil to do. However I got there in the end. I’m also very pleased with my tweeting progress.

I’ve had Twitter accounts in the past. On paper one was pretty successful. I had over three thousand followers. However I have to say that then, I didn’t engage with the platform meaningfully. I dutifully set about tweeting my own posts, even paying to schedule them. I also actively managed my following, seeing if I could get as many people to follow me as possible and ruthlessly culling those who didn’t reciprocate or tweet for a while. It was a pretty soulless exercise.

This time it’s different. Once again you can access my blog posts on Twitter (@lovelygreyday). Sure I’m trying to build a little following. I don’t want to be a virtual ‘Billy No Mates’ and I set myself targets of the number of people I’d like to lure in each week. I normally exceed my goal. But gaining exposure for myself is not the be all and end all anymore. I’m really enjoying finding others who have something interesting to say or beautiful imagery to share. It’s a fascinating online ‘show and tell’.

Rather than just using the platform as a sounding board for myself I’m listening and engaging. I’ll retweet, like and comment and not just because I want to build my own social media empire. I follow links to longer articles, participate in online petitions and give others encouragement. By being selective about who I choose to follow I have a rolling list of reading material that’s relevant to me. What’s lovely too is that I’m having little dialogues with others and I really value that. Yes, I’m actively engaged this time. It’s a pleasure and not a chore.

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  1. Apparently, blog numbers and Twitter numbers are not what matters-it’s Instagram followers. I think that is funny as IG for bloggers feels like cherry picked photos with no context.

    • Yes I’ve heard that too. I’ll maybe explore how IG might work for me later on down the path. I’m on in at a superficial level but it’s definitely about the pictures and not the words. My stats aren’t showing many redirections from there.

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