Triple Word Points

As a person who adores word craft in all its forms I absolutely love Scrabble.  It’s a game that’s stood the test of time.  I think that I got my first set as a Christmas present when I was about seven.  The little racks for the letters were wooden then and not moulded plastic as they are today.   Nothing else seems to have changed much.  I’m not so old that the tiles were wood rather than tough cream plastic.

However in a house where I live with dyslexic men I don’t often get a chance to play.  At the risk of sounding like a right big head, the problem is that I’m really good at it.   On more than one occasion I’ve thrashed the nuts off an opponent and they refused to play me ever again.   Hogging the triple word points and accruing multiple 50 point bonuses for seven letter words in one game usually does the trick.   My absolute insistence that the rules are followed to the little square letter doesn’t help my cause either. No-one likes a Scrabble Nazi.

Untypically for me I expect maximum effort and gravity around the board. Of course there’s always the person who wants to lighten up the proceedings by placing a few risque words.  But Scrabble is a serious matter and I won’t have it.  My brother was delighted once that he was able to play the word ‘PENIS’ .  Normally I like innuendo as much as the next ‘Carry On’ fan but not at the expense of points.  ‘It was the only word that I had.’ was the rather lame excuse.  I wasn’t buying it.  This was totally unacceptable behaviour for ‘SPINE’ would have earned him triple word points!

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  1. I inherited my mother’s Scrabble game. We play about once a year or so but none of us are particularly good. I’d play with you as I never mind losing and I might learn a few things

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