Trader Joe Bags

We’ve eaten in restaurants for two nights in a row, a highly irregular turn of events. We only normally dine out as a treat for high days and holidays. But special occasions are a bit more frequent in the summer of 2021. For we’re catching up with the people that are dear to us. At last, for the first time in nearly two years our friends, The Second Martha Stewart and her English husband, The Second Nigel Havers, have been able to visit from the East Coast of America.

We travelled to Exmouth on Tuesday night to meet up. Our friends from the Midlands joined in with the party as well. Yay! If you’re ever in the area Saveur restaurant comes highly recommended for special occasions – like when you are finally allowed to have a worldwide reunion after a period of enforced lockdown. It was Martha’s treat. Louis was in raptures over the lime pannacotta and said that the taste was ‘like being hit by a truck’. Not sure that’s food critic language but I suppose it could be used to describe punchy citrus.

Last night we repaid the compliment and introduced our friends to one of our favourite hometown restaurants, Shoals for good honest seafood served in the most idyllic seaside surroundings. If you go this summer there’s a tall long haired waiter who just happens to be my son. He was working last night so that he could show off to our chums. He’s pretty good at his job. Waitering in a busy eatery is definitely instilling some of those transferrable skills that will be useful for when he makes up his mind what he wants to do career wise.

Each time Martha comes over she gifts me Trader Joe bags. She buys them for me from a supermarket in the States. I have a vast collection now. Martha described the stores as being quite like a Lidl but now I’ve visited I disagree. There are so many more lovely treats.  The shoppers, which depict the store locations, have wonderful quirky designs.  Martha, bless her, knows that I love them and tries to give me different ones each time she comes over the pond. I have to think of novel ways to use them as there’s far too many just for use for shopping.

One of my Trader Joe Bags serves as a colourful holdall for my washing powder.  So much nicer than a box with a picture of a washing machine door on it.   And another lives on a hook in the motorhome and hides our rubbish bag. Not one, but two new ones arrived yesterday. I’m working out how to repurpose them. Surely I can be more imaginative than just using them for shopping!

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