Touching Marcus

A love of live music is one of the things that bonds me and Hot Stuff and compensates a little for his extreme untidiness. Now that lockdown looks like it is finally easing we’ve got a musical line up planned again into 2022: Billy Bragg, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Jack Savoretti, Paul Weller, Elbow, Gary Numan and Michael Kiwanuka whom I especially excited about seeing. Oh and I’ve just added Reef, who’ve I’ve seen twice already, to the list. As you see we’re making up for lost time. For a while, of course, we’ve had to content ourselves with memories of past gigs. So here’s a funny one from 2019 that proves that I can manifest what I wish for.

Mumford and Sons are a favourite band of mine.  Such clever lyrics on top of technically adept instrumentals.  I’d wanted to see them for a long time so we bought tickets for a show in Welsh Wales that was scheduled for the end of December 2018.  Alas, it was cancelled and we had to wait another six months before we finally saw them.  A lesson in patience to prepare us for an unforeseen global epidemic perhaps? In between time I often listened to the title track from their latest album De

‘Delta’ in the car, imagined how excited I’d be jigging about when I heard it live.

Just before the due date a colleague went to their Paris concert.  She’d been standing just a couple of rows back from the stage and showed off her amazing photos at work.  ‘That’s nothing.’ I joked.  ‘I’m going to be touching Marcus’. He’s the lead singer for those not in the know.

On the day of the concert it was touch and go as to we’d get there.  Hot Stuff was feeling really unwell.  However by the afternoon he’d mustered up his strength and we set off to Cardiff.  Our tickets were standing on the arena floor and the first spot that we chose was unwise.  A gaggle of pissed nuisances were creating an annoyance in front of us.   Partly as Hot Stuff was still feeling a little under the weather we  decided to move sideways and back a bit.  This turned out to be a fortuitous decision.   

The concert started.  It was all that I’d hoped for musically and visually.  I was dancing along like a good’un alongside a static Hot Stuff who tends to have his feet firmly stuck to the floor even when he’s not poorly.   At one point Marcus Mumford disappeared off stage.  ‘Where’s he gone?’ I thought.  He re-emerged at the back of the audience and then ran through the crowd. He hurtling into Hot Stuff who deflected him with his shoulder towards me.  I gave him a motherly pat on the arm.  I couldn’t quite believe it that my ‘Touching Marcus’ prediction had come true!

The next day I’d arranged to arrive at work a little late.  The drive back had left us exhausted on a school night  We needed a little lie in.  I left a message on the work answering machine letting them know that I’d be in later and I added an excited addendum.  ‘I touched Marcus!!!!!   When I arrived later the colleague who’d seen the band in Paris was there.  She’d taken the message and had been excited for me.  However I was quite amazed that she was not at all surprised.   ‘I knew you would’ she said.

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