I am getting deep joy from growing things. It’s dawned on me that it might be part of the reason why people plant fruit and veg in the first place. We’re definitely in the middle of tomato glug. We have vines at home and on the allotment. Here’s a shot of our delicious little cherry toms. They’re so much sweeter than the ones from the supermarket.

So how am I using them all? Well the boys around the corner have been told to help themselves too. I’m also using them in lieu of a tin of tomatoes in recipes. I made this variant on shakshuka the other night. So what if there a few skins in the finished dish. A bit of extra fibre would be doing us any harm at all.

And as I write this post another batch of chutney is on the boil. The lone unripe fruit that got in by accident has reminded me to try a green tomato variant in the next few weeks. No recipe was used in the making of this preserve. I’ve worked out that it’s a very forgiving food stuff. I threw in what we had in the cupboards and the fridge: onions, garlic, fresh ginger, balsamic and cider vinegars, peri-peri seasoning, raisins and salt and pepper.

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  1. My daughter has a ton of this purple cherry tomatoes version that gradually turns red. we made a sauce, skin in, and it is as delicious. She’s got picking to do tonight. we’re chasing frost, so I don’t know if hers will ripen before that happens.

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