Tomato and Marmite Risotto

Our tomato production levels have definitely reached what would be described as a glug. There are way more than we can eat without turning an orangey-red colour. But we’re giving it a go. I’m looking for ways in which they can be incorporated into our daily diet. I also see a chutney making session coming on.

I was pleased to see the Meera Sodhi’s recipe for Marmite Risotto with Tomatoes and Crispy Chilli Butter in the Guardian. A risotto is an excellent excuse to pair food preparation with drinking a couple of glasses of wine. So I cooked my own version of it the other night. Of course, me being me I tweaked the instructions.

What did I do differently? Well, while it’s always good to have a new vegan dish in my repertoire for friends with a plant based diet I used common or garden butter rather than the non dairy version. I also added a bit of grated cheese to the finished dish. One of the ingredients flummoxed me. Delicious though it sounds I’ll ‘fess up and say that I have no idea what crispy chilli oil sediment is. So I substituted a healthy whack of peri-peri seasoning.

The main difference to my methodology though was that I mixed my tomato mixture into the risotto right as the end of the cooking time rather than whacking it on top just before serving. It meant that all those lovely roasted tomato juices were added to the marmite stock. And yes, Meera was right. That umami flavour was subtle enough to gain approval from a Marmite hating partner. Next time I don’t think that I’ll bother turning the oven on to roast the tomatoes. I’ll just sweat them on the stove top in the spicy butter. Yes, there will be a next time. This is a delicious combo.

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