Tinner’s Rabbits

Photo: Wikipedia

The Tinner’s Rabbits are a wonderfully clever symbol that repeats itself around Devon churches. It is depicted in stained glass and, most frequently carved in the bosses of their roofs.  Yet similar imagery is not restricted to these parts. It possibly originated in the Far East and the motif may have spread to the West via the Silk Route. Read the Wikipedia article if you’re interested to learn more. It’s fascinating.

The main picture today is from Germany and a riddle from those parts describes ‘Three hares sharing three ears, yet everyone of them has two’.  A Bavarian town uses Tinner’s rabbits as part of its town crest. Now that’s got to be better than a couple of wavy lines and a few swords.   There seems to be some confusion about what animal is depicted. Are they hares? Are they rabbits? I’ll let you decide for yourself.

There’s a trail that takes in seventeen churches where the hares/rabbits can be spotted.  That looks like something that would be a fun day out. I’ve already spotted the one in the church at Widecombe in the Moor. Here’s my ever so fuzzy photo but, in my defence, the artwork is a little rough and ready.

I’m rather fascinated by this imagery and want to use it in some of my own creations. I’ve had a special request from Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers for a custom door number incorporating these beasties. I’m delighted to oblige. It will definitely be one of my mosaicking challenges in 2022.

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    • Ah! We both seek out the weird and wonderful in our everyday lives. Will obviously show off my own version of hares once its done. In the meantime I’m starting on a different project really soon!

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