Tidying One Item at a Time

Image by yuelanliu from Pixabay

Today’s picture reminds me that I love a pinata, such destructive, wholesome fun. I often buy them when we’re off somewhere where a bunch of kids are going to be around. Let’s not go off track though. Today is a cleaning and tidying post so perhaps a cardboard donkey that sheds tissue paper is the antithesis of that.

My boys are messy. The neighbours know about this. We live in a semi detached house and, as an American might say, I holler. ‘What did Louis do this morning to upset you?’ our concerned friends next door ask. Sometimes it seems like I’m the only member of the household who likes to keep things orderly. No wonder I lose it at times. Anyway, moan over. Let’s move onto solutions.

One of the tiny habits that I’ve had for years is tidying one item at a time I’m in a room. It may be putting something away, straightening a pillow or cushions, giving a worksurface a wipe or picking up a sweet wrapper from the floor. Yes, litter in my own home is something that’s likely to cause one of those rants. The boys wouldn’t do it in the street for goodness sake! Sometimes my tidying might lead to a few more things being ordered but not always. Just one action is considered an achievement

Of course these little efforts aren’t a substitute for a proper good clean but no matter. If added up I think that they go a little way to cutting down time dedicated specifically to housework. If I got those pesky boys on board as well I’d be even more efficient. However I’m realistic and realise that this might be too tall an order!

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  1. I am super untidy! I try not to be but I am. I liver with a man who is super tidy! he WAS when we met, now he is very untidy and I am the one complaining about his mess everywhere! Sometimes, I try putting things away for 15 minutes at a time, but the mess is ever-returning. I need a craft room really! But, that just means another room to leave in a mess!

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