I wrote a post about house upheaval the other day and today’s offering on tidy creativity could well be a good match for that. The lack of workspace in our home at the moment has meant that the dining room table becomes the centre of my crafting emporium. This is in no way ideal. We have to shove things aside when we all want to sit down for a roastie or other family meal. So I’ve decided that there needs to be times when we are free of creative clutter. This is especially when we’re in the process of doing up the house. But I don’t want to completely curtail my artistic tendencies. After all its part of what I do to promote my wellbeing.

What can I do that’s arty then but a bit less messy? Well I’m taking note of what I get up to in the motorhome. There’s always a needlepoint on the go. The picture is of the current one, a bargain purchase, £4 in a Newton Abbot charity shop. It’s easy to store away and when I want to do a few stitches there’s little setting up to do. I just get out the bag of threads and I’m off.

There’s a table in my study area next to where my mosaic supplies are stored. I’m going to do my next piece, the Tinner’s Hares for Aril at Gnat Bottomed Towers up there. And I’ve got a new toy to play with that’s mess-free for downstairs. I’ve fancied learning how to produce digital art for a while now. I’ve got a plan up my sleeve. So I’ve treated myself to a XP-Pen drawing tablet that just plugs into a computer and can be put away in seconds. That fits the tidy creativity mandate and is even compact enough to bring away on holiday. I’ll share my creations once I get going.

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