Great Pottery Throwdown

The ‘Great Pottery Throwdown’ is back on British TV with the wonderfully emotional Keith who cries when he is overwhelmed with the beauty of a competitor’s work. I love all those craft based competitions, Sewing Bee and the woodworking and jewellery ones. Give me gently soothing telly after a long day rather than something scary or violent.

I’ve dabbled with pottery myself from a young age. I went to classes on a Saturday at Southend College of Technology in the seventies. Our teachers were supercool chain smokers who lit up in the classroom! Haven’t times changed. I also went to a fair few adult education classes. It’s always been a case of ‘Don’t give up the day job!’. Even though I’ve had many goes on a potter’s wheel I’ve never thrown a successful pot in my life. My favourite part of the potting process was the decoration.

My skill level isn’t such that I’ll be entering the Great Pottery Throwdown anytime soon. But here are three that I made earlier that are just about acceptable enough to be displayed in my home. They were all made when I was an occupational therapy student. The little raku bear is my favourite. He’s a motif that I’ve used before. Similar creatures, a homage to Native American art live under our antlers!

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  1. I find pottery gorgeous and keep my eyes out for home made pieces- mugs in particular. A new studio with classes is opening up. I hope she does well.

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