Thrifty Laundry

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What a glorious and somewhat joyful washday scene! Everyone is being careful with the pennies even more than usual these days. So I thought I’d do a money saving post. Focusing on thrifty laundry seemed like a plan. Now I know that you’re all a savvy lot but maybe, maybe I might have come up with an idea below that you might not have thought of.

  • We’ll start even before the clothes get a sniff of the washing machine. Look at the care instructions before you buy. Do the clothes need expensive specialist cleaning or are they a pain to maintain? Washing mistakes can be costly. My previous cashmere collection shrunk to fit a three year old was evidence of that.
  • Can clothes go a bit longer without being washed? Are they really all that dirty? I’m not advocating filling the air with a nasty niff but could you get away with wearing clothes a day or two longer? Train your family to adopt this mindset too.
  • Could you make do with a spot wash? I normally dab something with a cloth and a bit of soap or washing up liquid when I’ve been a messy pup but here’s a link to someone who seems to know what they’re talking about.
  • Optimise your washload. Don’t put the machine on when it’s only a bit full. It’s equally important not to overload it either or stuff won’t come out clean and then you’re back to square one.
  • I’ve found that you don’t always have to separate light and dark washing especially for older clothes where the dye has already come out and stained my sheet pink. Just saying. The author accepts no liability for any f*ck ups caused by following this advice.
  • Now I’ve been doing the 30 degree wash thing that everyone seems to be recommending these days. There seems to be no deterioration in the cleanliness of the clothes. I’ve also been using an eco setting to extend the wash time. Know your machine.
  • Replace branded washing powders for cheaper supermarket own brands. Look out for offers on big packs.
  • Follow the guidance on how much powder to use. It’s less than you might expect.
  • And of course line dry. That’s a given in the summer months. Clothes tend to come out smelling beautiful as a big plus.
  • I’ve never had a dryer until recently. But Hot Stuff fitted his old gas powered one made by White Knight. It dries a load for pence, we estimate about ten of them! The pilot isn’t on during the whole cycle and the run time when compared to electric dryers is short. I’m so happy that my house doesn’t look like an industrial laundry in winter anymore. The cost is worth it. Now I’ve tried to find a product link but was unsuccessful. It seems that they are as rare as rocking horse droppings. Good luck in finding one if you’re interested.
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  1. We have never had a drier and won’t have one now. We simply hang stuff on the maiden, either on the balcony or in the dining room. In the warm living room in winter. Mr D is a one for washing things after a short wear (an evening sometimes!) which is a habit he won’t break. I’ll go at least two full day’s wears unless I’ve been exerting myself – which isn’t often!

    • No I never thought that I’d have a drier but our house is relatively small and everything seems to take so long to dry. The gas tumble drier is so economical I’m a convert!

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