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I took this picture into my lap. It’s to show off the wonderful fabric that the new dress I’m wearing is made of. As soon as I saw a frock with mermaids, mermen and amazing sea creatures I knew I was going to own it. It’s a design from Thought Clothing, a sustainable clothing brand that I love. I treat myself to a few of their dresses each year. I must have about ten of them now. The full price items are a little more costly than I’m willing to fork out. So I wait for the sale and grab myself a bargain. Sometimes I get a discount too.

Here’s another of my Thought dresses. I love its retro styling and wacky Venice themed fabric that’s reminiscent of ’50s curtains. On more than one occasion I’ve got compliments from strangers when I’ve worn it. I read one of those articles the other day telling me what I should be wearing when over 50. It suggested muted colours. Bollocks to that! Incidentally there was a hilarious article a few years ago giving fashion advice for men who’ve passed the half century mark. The thought of Hot Stuff in the recommended orange polo neck causes me to giggle uncontrollably. He can stick to his hoodies even though the bloke in the Guardian said that he should no longer be wearing those.

Here’s another of my non muted dresses depicting places in Paris. This is a linen mix and a special purchase for my baby niece’s christening. Here’s me at the event wearing retro shades to match. As you’ve gathered these aren’t clothes where I merge nicely into the background.

Now, with my last two orders from Thought Clothing they’ve thrown in a free pair of beautiful bamboo socks. I’ve donated them to Hot Stuff who is absolutely delighted with them. Whoever was packing my last shipment must have noted my address and thrown in a particularly marine themed freebie!

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