The Triffid

Earlier this year we took a load of the compost that we’d made at home up to the allotment. All sorts go in there but alas I still haven’t lured in a family of slowworms. Give it time! As well as shredded garden waste I put in vegetable scraps from the kitchen. It’s lead to a few surprises on the growing front. We’ve had tasty potatoes and productive tomatoes plants from it. I’m also assuming that ‘The Triffid’ was grown from seeds that we put out as waste. This plant has taken over a fair bit of our plot but is covering up an area where all the plants failed.

We’ve been wondering what it is for a few weeks now. Courgettes? Everyone else’s on the site seem to have fruited by now. One idea was that it could be a melon. I was quite excited by that prospect. However now it’s started to produce something and last the mystery has been solved. It looks like the triffid is actually a butternut squash plant. Yummy!

As an aside I thought that I’d show off what I picked yesterday morning when I went up watering. If someone ordered a small veg box I don’ think that they’d be too disappointed. Given that we see the allotment as a bit of a failure this year I don’t think that this is too bad at all. I came home with my carrier bag laden singing ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter’, a hymn that I remember from harvest festival days.

And finally one from the back garden. We have a few cucumbers. Much smaller than the shop bought ones but very tasty indeed.
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