Little Book of Gratefulness

For several years I’ve created a practice each morning of writing down ten things to be thankful for in my little book of gratefulness. Sometimes the warm fuzzy feelings flow freely, affirming that all is well and that positive energy. When the task is more difficult it’s still a good thing to do, for different reasons. I’ve learn to keep an eye open for things to appreciate in difficult times.

The books in which I write these lists are really rather special. Both of them came from Flame Tree Publishing. They are foiled, close with a magnet and have a silky bookmark and pocket in the back cover. The first had a Hokusai’s Great Wave on the cover, a favourite painting of mine. I’m coming to the end of my second book that had little fat Moomins on the cover and was a little sad.

I have a thing for Moomins, the little plump hippo-like creatures that the Finish author Tove Jansson created. Not quite as keen , I have to say, as a woman that I read about once in the Guardian who made a costume of one for her bloke to wear during bedroom activities. Now that’s what I call real fandom. But It’s not my bag and I don’t think that Hot Stuff would agree to that kind of caper. And anyway I don’t think he’d squeeze his tummy into all hat tight latex!

But hurrah! this arrived in the post and I’m delighted. Another little book of gratefulness to record when I’ve eaten something delicious from the snack table at work, seen a crow, found something that’s made me giggle uncontrollably, had a good time with my chummers or experienced the joy of gifting something to someone else. And if I keep the habit going, and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t, there’s this lovely pink Moomin adorned notebook for me to keep yet more lists in for more years to come. The gratefulness habit is firmly entrenched.

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