The Darker Months

We’re about halfway throughout autumn now, well into the darker months. To be honest I’m more of a spring/summer kind of person. I like the light and the warmer climate. And I’m pretty certain that my mood is a bit seasonally affected. I have to be on the look out for dips.

I’ve been trying to think how I might even out my emotional state at the time of the year when the light fades faster. I read somewhere the other day about someone who relished the quickly changing seasons in this part of the Northern Hemisphere. There are always different things to look forward to at different times of the year whether that might be festivities seasonal food or nature’s cycles. Maybe recalling these in my everyday gratefulness practice might help the process along. I’m going to try and embrace that one.

I’ve been thinking about how I might keep myself perky through the darker months of autumn and winter. Of course there’s all that Danish Hygge stuff around cosiness and I’m prepared. There’s the wood burner, lots of blankies and masses of smelly candles leftover from last year. I’m rather partial to a brand called Eco Wix. They’re sold in Asda so don’t have a Jo Malone price tag. As well as having a lovely aroma they make a pleasing crackle. And there’s food. We’re greedy buggers in this house. There’s warming stews, soups and hearty puddings that wouldn’t fail to put a smile on my face.

I also reflected on what it was about spring and summer that made them my favourite months. I can do anything about the longer days that I crave but I can spend more time outside even though it gets dark earlier. With a bit of common sense I can still go out in the evening for a swim in the sea. There’s a well lit beach nearby. And walks aren’t out either. Perhaps a bit of star gazing will cut the mustard. Who knows. I might enjoy myself so much this year that I’ll be disappointed when the light starts to return.

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