The Big Plastic Count

Here’s food for thought, a poster that I saw on the French coast path. I thought that it would do to illustrate today’s post. It shows how long different types of rubbish take to degrade. Now I’m all for taking small actions to improve the world that we live in. So when I heard about The Big Plastic Count I thought that I’d get involved. It was inspired by David Webb a man in Kent who photographed every bit of plastic waste he threw away over a year. He was shocked to find it was over 4,000 items.

The Big Plastic Count is a Greenpeace project that runs from 16-22 May 2022. I’m posting ahead in case anyone else in the UK fancies signing up and joining in. Participants are being asked to quantify the amount and type of plastic that they throw away. This exclude things like dog poo bags and medication containers that are needed for hygiene or medical purposes. If you sign up you’ll receive an information pack by post or in digital form. You’ll be asked to record all the plastic packaging that you chuck out for just a week. That sounds pretty manageable doesn’t it? The aim is to collect information about people’s normal plastic use. This will allow the government, brands and supermarkets to decide on targets for reducing waste.

The organisers of the project are keen to stress that the project is not about making people feel bad about their plastic consumption. Rather they hope to be able to influence major organisations so that they can make the big changes that are necessary for people to have viable alternatives to the current packaging that’s available. But a benefit of participating in the project is you’ll receive a personal footprint of your household’s plastic use. You’ll also discover what happens to it once it leaves your home. That should provide a bit of personal food for thought and motivation to make those tiny changes that I think are so important.

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