The Beginning

I mentioned a while back that I’d like to make a mosaic to enter for Grayson’s Art Club in 2022. Being a mental health practitioner with a bit of that lived experience stuff I was drawn to the ‘In My Head’ category. Also the submission date is later on than the shows that are going to be screened earlier. That came into the equation too After all I don’t want to make any life harder for myself than it already is.

So while I’ve seemingly been doing nothing towards the project those little cogs in the noggin have been whirring and whirring. What would the image look like? Is there a message that I want to convey? Which colours should I use? Could I incorporate items other than tiles? After weeks I got to the beginning where I could sketch out my idea. Just what would people see inside if you took the top of my head off? I think that I’ve summed it up nicely.

I’ve drawn out a rough plan to guide . My ‘selfie’ has a layer of clingfilm to protect the image. That’s topped with the mesh onto which I stick my tiles. ‘WTF!’ said my boys. So, in the absence of artistic guidance from within the household, I’ve turned to my fellow mosaicists for more considered criticism. ‘She’s looks like you and is really cool.’ said Spiky Kay. She’s given a suggestion for what I might write in my thought bubble too. That’s more like it!

The piece shows what goes on in my head when I’m meditating. Common wisdom suggests that the aim of practice is to empty the mind just a bit more that I achieve. ‘Gosh, it’s busy in there!’ said Spiky Kay. There’s a bit of a neurological insight in the imagery too. I’ll explain further when I show off the finished piece. In the meantime I’d better crack on. From the beginning I’ve got just over two weeks to complete it and submit a video and photos.

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