The Arctic Beckons

Photo: Pixabay: Papafox

Spot the deliberate zoological mistake in today’s picture. It made me giggle. I’m the bearer today of news about our future travels. I’m more than excited about one of my most adventurous trips ever. Let me tell you why the Arctic beckons.

I met my buddy Puget Pounder when I hiked some of the Appalachian Trail in 1997. He went on to complete the whole journey from Georgia to Maine We all had trail names. Mine was Grey Bear. He still calls me that sometimes. The inspiration for his, was a burger restaurant in his then home town of Seattle. Now there is also a very wonderful Mrs Puget Pounder who stayed at home while he trekked up the East Coast. But over the years I’ve got to know her too. We’ve had a number of adventures together. They’ve visited England and I’ve hiked and ski-ed with them several times in Europe and the US. I haven’t seen them though since 2015 and Hot Stuff hasn’t met them.

Mrs Puget Pounder messaged me the other day. I’ve been hankering on a return trip to Yellowstone National Park with them but she’s got alternative plans. ‘We’re planning a trip in 2023. to the Arctic Circle visiting the Yukon and Alaska. Is there any chance that you and your man would like to join us?’ Do polar bears shit in the icebergs?! Of course it is a big resounding yes from both me and Hot Stuff.

Although my bucket list contains hotter climes many of the places that I’d like to visit are chillier. Alaska has been up there for many years. The beautifully cast and narrated nineties series ‘Northern Exposure‘ is probably responsible for that. Anyway we’ll be starting Zoom trip planning meetings soon. As the Arctic beckons I’ll share our plans which will be as thrifty as I can get them!

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  1. Woo!! How exciting. I saw a cruise advertised once that left Vancouver, went up to Alaska and then the return journey was by train through the mountains. That captured my imagination – although the price was a bit too much!!
    Happy planning

    • Cheers. My friends are doing a similar cruise next year. I know that you can do a cheaper version using ferries. Now I’m thinking of incorporating that into our trip if pennies allow.

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