One of the best ways of not spending money is to avoid shops and online shopping sites. Buying things from eBay and the charity shops to resell is therefore hazardous. The temptation to acquire things for personal use comes in lots of forms. In the main I’m pretty good at resisting. I thought that I’d ‘fess up about the items that didn’t pass me by. First up is my favourite, this amazing vase from Mariz in the Czech Republic that popped up in an eBay search. It reminds me of the art that Louis used to bring home from primary school There’s a tiny chip in the rim but I’m not bothered as I’m not selling it on. Perhaps it adds to its charm.

Aloha! Now I bought this shirt that actually comes from Hawaii with the intention of listing it. Hot Stuff had other ideas so I relented and it’s now in the wardrobe. I did mention that he might want to pay what I thought that I was going to sell it for. But then he reminded me that his labour charges for fixing the alternator on the motorhome had been free. Fair dues.

I found these new condition recipe books and couldn’t resist. Just four pounds apiece. After all I’m looking for new ideas for using up the veg now we’re in glut mode. One from the Jamie Oliver Veg book is already on this week’s menu plan so it’s being put to good use already. There’s a Spring and Summer version of the Riverford Companions Autumn and Winter. More temptation to make another purchase!

And The Edible Balcony was just £1.50. Okay we haven’t actually got a balcony but we are intending to turn our weeny backyard into extra growing space. I thought that the book might have some transferrable ideas.

And here’s the final find. I got very excited about it when I saw it in a charity shop in town. I’ve been wanting a trug for a while, maybe one of those lovely wooden version. But this folding one is far more practical. It can even go on the back of my bike when I do a small shop. ‘Have you by any chance got an allotment?’ asked the sales lady when I took it to the till.

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