Supermarket Herbs

You know those supermarket herbs in the little plastic pots?  They’re quite meagre offerings from a culinary perspective.  But I bought thyme and mint for about a quid each the other day and potted them up.  They were a bit cheaper than the ones in the garden centre.  I have visions of having a herb garden outside the back door so thought I’d make a start. They’ll join the rosemary and mint cuttings that I nicked from another person’s allotment.

These pots were all my own work. I reckon that I made them about twenty years ago, some of my first mosaics.  Kitsch aren’t they? My ex-husband hated the Mexican themed one which initially had a very prickly cactus planted in it.   I gave the UFO one to my sister. It was made to use a surplus of black tiles in a mixed colour bucket and it was returned to me when she passed.   Some tiles have fallen off as you can see but overall they’ve stood the test of time  Some TLC may be needed when I have one of those elusive moments.

I was a bit pessimistic that my planting experiment with supermarket herbs would work out.  After all I’m not the world’s greatest gardener.  But in the three or four weeks since I planted them they’re thriving. 

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