Summer Wardrobe

Yikes! I’ve returned from France and there’s still a bit of a chill in the air in old Blighty. But enough is enough. It’s supposed to be spring for goodness sake I decided to take the bull by the horns and change over to my summer wardrobe. Who knows? Somewhere in the universe my actions may herald in better weather. I mainly wear brightly coloured frocks throughout the year. Lots are secondhand but I also have a penchant for the Thought Clothing sale. Over time I’ve amassed quite a lot of their dresses. The one at the front is a recent addition to my collection.

Now I don’t have a huge amount of personal storage space for my clothes. It’s something to do with making room for another adult to come and live with me. There’s a few coats in a cupboard downstairs, a small chest of drawer that holds underwear, tops, knitwear, leggings and the like and this Edwardian wardrobe where my dresses are stored. The cupboard to the right holds our sheets and towels and I’ve donated all the drawers beneath to Hot Stuff. Oh I’ve also got a plastic storage container on wheels under the bed. That’s where my out of season wardrobe is stored.

Some of my pretty frocks haven’t made it to the summer wardrobe and have had to stay in the storage box. They don’t quite fit and I don’t want to have a guilt complex every time I open the closet doors do i? So I’m upping my dieting efforts and have agreed to race Hot Stuff to lose a stone. Not that I’m competitive or anything but I found myself giving him the bigger banana so he’d eat more calories yesterday! Fingers crossed. I’m hoping that some of these colourful beauties make it into my summer wardrobe very shortly.

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  1. I would like to wear dresses more but “chub rub” and dodgy feet requiring rather unattractive shoes rather puts the kybosh on it. I also have fat knees and sturdy ankles. It’s trousers practically all the way, with a venture into long shorts occasionally.

    • Funny that I have a similar physique (and a belly) but have decided that dresses cover a multitude of sins. I don’t mind pretty fabric with the chunky boot/shoe look. I’ve worn it since my penchant to Doc Martens in my student days.

  2. I love dresses for comfort and easy mornings, but it’s hard finding styles that look ok on my shifting chubby figure. We finally have spring. Well, a day or two and then it decided to be summer!

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