Student Cooking

So Louis, my son, didn’t go away to university this year. He’s still taking his time to decide the career path that his life should take. In the meantime he works in a lovely local fish restaurant and I hear him boasting to his impoverished student friends about his tips! They’re also training him to be sous-chef so that he’s got another string to his bow. However he doesn’t think that the irregular hours of the hospitality trade will suit him long term.

Once a week he cooks for us, usually from NOSH for Students by Joy May I’m trying to prepare him for when he does eventually leave the nest. He gives me a list of the ingredients that he needs and I add anything that I haven’t got already to the shopping list. The recipes, good old student cooking favourites, such as spag bol and chilli are, of course, cheap and easy. There’s nearly always leftovers which Louis keeps chilled or frozen to take to work or have when I’m not home. Even though he’s not at university he’s learning the basics of fending for himself.

This was one of the recipes ‘Beer Can Chicken’. What you see is what you get. A chicken with a beer can up its arse, an easy supper made with a half a can of nasty lager that we’d had lurking in the back of the fridge for months. It’s really a bog standard roast rubbed with salt, pepper and spices with extra moisture added into the cooking process. Jolly easy, tasty fayre that might be served on the table of a student home in the near future.

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