Stuart Wilde

In my quest to find meaning in life I don’t adhere to any one particular faith. I’ve mentioned before that I mix and match my beliefs. I came across the late, great Stuart Wilde after he was mentioned by the late great Wayne Dyer. I seem to be influenced by a bevy of dead men. This work, ’33 Steps to Reclaiming you Inner Power’ is what I first listened to on YouTube. It’s readily available there although I haven’t shared the links because they’re a bit dodgy and possibly contravene copyright. There’s a book too so,instead, here’s the link for that. ‘WTF!’ was my first reaction. Yet I’ve gone back to it again and again.

Now Mr Wilde, the brother of Dee Dee from Pan’s People, wasn’t your common or garden type of spiritual guru. Softly spoken he was not. London wideboy springs to mind and this is reinforced by the fact that he initially made a fortune selling jeans on Carnaby Street. Del Boy Trotter would have been green with envy. Yet he walked away from his swanky lifestyle leaving everything behind. One day dropped the keys of his posh flat down a gutter in the street and to start an entirely new existence.

Stuart Wilde was funny, gut bustingly so. This didn’t stop him having unwavering focus, so much less shaky than my own version. He tells the story of how his guru set a series of difficult uncompromising tasks for a large group of people who, over time, dwindled down to two. He was one of them. Some of his beliefs were weird and wonderful, too wacky for me to absorb. Along with my acceptance of ideas there is rejection too. I also find him too directive but maybe that is a measure of my less rigid spiritual discipline. He’s not politically correct in a noughties kind of way either but you’ll have to forgive him for living in different times.

So I urge you to give him a go. Even if you don’t find deep spiritual truth in his teachings you might have a bloody good laugh.

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