Stretching Faith

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I had confidence in both my lower and higher self when I walked away from a secure job and took a two third drop in income. In the main I’m at peace with what I’ve done. But every so often I feel a twinge of anxiety. I have a decade until state retirement age. Will there be enough to live on in the long term? Should I rein in my income, cutting every expense that I possibly can? Instead of listening to my worrisome thoughts I’m doing an experiment in stretching faith and maybe moving a mountain. Let me explain.

In spite of not having a Christian faith I’ve always loved the Biblical idea of tithing. But giving ten per cent away seemed too difficult when my income was tiny at the times when I was a student or starting out in a new career. After all I barely had enough to live on so didn’t feel that stretching faith was a good idea at the time. And when I was flush with cash I didn’t give ten per cent away either. I’m going to be honest and say it felt over generous. After all what I was donating was probably more than most people. I told myself it was enough even though a little voice contradicted this.

But now I’m going to take that leap of faith that I’ll be provided for. I’ll tithe properly. I’ve set up a Charities Aid Foundation direct debit. The monthly sum that I’ll give to the causes that I choose will be more than ten per cent even before gift aid is accounted for. Eek! I’m also gifting smaller amounts to a charity by direct debit and to an individual via Patreon to support their work. I’ll still make the occasional loan through Lend with Care too. I’m testing the idea that faith is measured by action not by the strength of the emotion that I’m feeling. And I’ve just listened to an audio version of the book Seed Money that suggests that what we give away might return to us tenfold.

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