Stonehenge 101

Photo: Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Ah Stonehenge! It’s got to be one of the most iconic historic sites in the UK. I love seeing it from the A303 on east to west journeys across the UK even if it does mean sitting in the inevitable traffic jam. It’s a little marvel created by our Neolithic ancestors at a time when access to even basic techology was non existent. I’m not even sure if wheels had been invented! How did they move those bloody great stones miles and miles without a low loader? And has magic happened in those carefully aligned circles? Of course as a hippy chick I like to think so.

On the other hand Hot Stuff has a massive hatred for the monument. Stonehenge 101 is more like it for him. It would definitely be on his life of things that he hates with a passion. The diatribes starts a good twenty miles before we reach it on a journey and goes on beyond the boundaries of Wiltshire. He moans about the inauthenticity of the current arrangement. Apparently it’s been knocked down and rebuilt on many occasions. There is no way that he shares my desire to pay extra and go and visit the stones at sunrise. He just doesn’t see the point. Apparently there’s more interesting prehistoric edifices in Scotland with not another soul in site. Of course he may have a point. Brittany, one of my stomping grounds, is chock full of stunning remains which you can visit for free.

And of course the traffic on the A303 in the environs of Stonehenge pisses him off. ‘This bloody queue is because people slow down to have a gawp.’ was his inevitable moan when we passed it on the way to and from Essex last week. His solution? It’s not the tunnel that’s just been rejected by the government but a bloody great wall!

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  1. I’m afraid I have to agree with Hot Stuff. Visiting our 2 sons from Somerset, having to pass Stonehenge for the airport etc, the A303 is just a nightmare in that area. The stones are have been repositioned several times as you say. My maternal family were from that area for many generations but I can’t get too excited about them. Great to read your blog again btw.

  2. I remember when our tourist bus was in range to see it. What a sight for this American brain. Sort of lie the first glimpse of Mt Rushmore. It’s there, but you can’t believe you’re seeing it.

    • Ah! Americans are especially taken with it. My friend, the Second Martha Stewart, has recommended the sunrise limited number tour. I’m up for that at some time – probably with a bunch of you guys!

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