Staying Local

Now I’ll hold my hand up and confess that I’m writing a post about staying local from an extremely privileged position. Brixham, my home town, is drop down dead gorgeous. After university loads of my friends trooped off to London and other big cities in search of their fortunes. I made a conscious choice to remain in Devon. In spite of much more limited career progression I’ve never regretted my decision.

Over lockdown our world contracted. Instead of our usual wanderings farther afield we were ‘stuck’ here. Even Hot Stuff’s home in Somerset was out of bounds when restrictions were at their peak. I found it suffocating at first but gradually relaxed into our circumstances. To be honest, I was actually relieved to be confined to barracks. The longest time I’d stayed at home in the previous two years was nine consecutive days.

The world has opened up since but we’re still more home based than we ever were. Okay it’s not 2020 when Google Maps suggested that the highlight of my travelling year was visiting Mum and Dad in Southend-on-Sea. We are wandering further afield again. However with increasing motoring costs we have made a conscious decision to use the car less for everyday leisure and gain a greater appreciation of what’s on our doorstep.

So we’ll keep on doing what we do already: walking, cycling around the lanes, pottering on the allotment, swimming in the coves, meeting up with friends and paddling our kayaks out to sea. We’ll get involved with events like local festivals and the Torbay Airshow. But we’ve got new things planned too. I fancy some volunteering, a bit of mudlarking and want to take advantage of the recreational potting scheme so that we can fish legitimately for our own crab and lobster. Hot Stuff has had offers of playing golf and messing about on another bloke’s yacht. It would be rude for him not to accept! Even if we were confined to the Bay forever I don’t think that we’d ever get bored with staying local.

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you find in the mud! Hopefully lots of shards for mosaic-ing?
    I beach-comb and mudlark a lot and have jars upon jars of ceramic finds, all sorted by colour and of course as much sea glass again – its addictive!
    I pick up a lot of ceramics from fields too, where each new ploughing turns up new treasures, just as a storm or a big tide throws up new pieces on the shores of the sea or river.
    Eventually I hope to set the nicest bits in silver bezels for pretty pendants.

    Keep up the tiny adventures!

    • Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to what I can find and how I can use it. There’s lots of old bottles on the allotment as well as shards of pottery. And I have an old metal detector!

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