Spooky Scene

I’ve got a few jigsaw puzzles in my eBay shop. The holy grail of these are the Wentworth puzzles that my gang love to complete. I’ve written about them before. In the short time I’ve been scouring the charity shops for things to sell on I’ve only come across two. A while ago I pounced upon a Mother’s Day themed one. I’m saving that to sell nearer the big day in 2023. It will make a great present for someone’s mum. The other dayI found this second one. It’s a bit different.

It’s a Wentworth personal puzzle. If you send your own image to the company they’ll make it into a devilishy difficult wooden jigsaw complete with their characteristic whimsy pieces. I found this one in a wonderful charity shop in Ilminster. I’d taken a rather lengthy detour on my way back from Weymouth the other day in a quest to stock up on meaty and cheesy treats. The jigsaw came in a plain box. There is nothing to indicate what the image might be.

The great thing about picking up these puzzles is that I have to complete them myself before resale to check that all the pieces are in the box. Alongside an expected profit this beastie has provided me with much entertainment. I reckon it took about twelve hours to fit a mere 250 pieces together. But bugger! It seemed that one was missing after all that effort. Then I found it camoflaged on the rug. It’s often the case that I drop a piece and then find it afterwards. I keep the jigsaws with the hole intact for a while in the hope that they will turn up. They always do.

Isn’t this a weird picture? Such a spooky scene! I’m not sure what’s going on here or even what the those ethereal structures are. The subject matter along with working blind certainly contributed to the complexity. When I offer it for sale I’m going to offer the buyer the options of buying with or without a shot of the finished puzzle. I bet a seasoned Wentworth puzzler might be up for the more difficult challenge.

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