Spanish Love Affair

I took this picture in 2019 on our travels in Spain. It;s the dome of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, on the route of ‘The Way of St James‘ I’d always wanted to see that church but it was under restoration when we visited and not at its best. However this famous site of pilgrimage has been reinstated to its former glory. I think that another visit is in order.

My Spanish love affair is a recent development. I’d had a few holidays to the country’s islands before and one jaunt to its mainland. I’ve only explored further in the last decade: Barcelona, Bilbao, the mountains around Malaga, Grenada and the wild west coast of Galicia . It’s all good Even though I’ve travelled to just a tiny percentage of the country I’m hooked. I love the noisy, friendly people, the delicious food, the diversity of the land and the lifestyle.

Had I remained a singleton I would be selling up and moving there around about now. It’s as easy to visit parents in Essex from Malaga as it is from Devon. Now I’m in a solid relationship I’ve changed my plans. Yet despite writing about staying local the idea of emigrating refuses to budge entirely. Maybe it’s why I pester Hot Stuff to watch loads of back episodes of ‘A Place in the Sun’. I have a location in mind in Andalusia close to both mountains and the coast. We would replace the allotment with a citrus orchard. We’d disappear north in the motorhome in the height of summer. It’s not a bad dream

Even if we never make Spain our main base we plan to explore it in retirement. It’s why I’m pretty darned serious about learning the lingo. It’s the main impetus for those nearly daily Duolingo sessions that I’ve stuck with over the last two and a half years. The good news is that we’ll be back after a three year gap in the late spring. I’m so looking forward to putting all that learning into practice later in the year and reigniting the passion in my Spanish love affair!

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